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  • CAMO Services

    Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization (CAMO) services are those defined in the EASA Part M subpart G. AvioCATS divides these services into Airframe and Components follow-ups and Engine and APU follow-up. AvioCATS has a knowledgeable team…

  • Technical Management for Airlines

    Every airline needs a knowledgeable management team in order to safely run its operation. In order to minimize the cost of operation, a deep understanding of the MRO market is the key to success.…

  • Commercial Assistance for Airlines

    AOC Project Management Technical department Management Airworthiness Review Certificates (ARC) Aircraft technical records storage Technical records digitalisation Technical records “archeology” Specific customer needs Operating Aircraft Audits Lease inspections and appraisals  Aircraft Audits on behalf of…

  • Special Customer Needs

    Every costumer is unique and thus AvioCATS tailor its services for every individual customer. Upon request AvioCATS expert engineers offer the best solution with the minimum cost. AvioCATS support customers with the following services:…


  • Limitless Airways

    For me it was a great honor to found Limitless Airways with the help of AvioCATS. I gave them full responsibility for the complete start-up process, AOC establishment, technical department management, aircraft selection, CAMO and many more. I see AvioCATS as part of our airline founding partners.

    Sasha Djakovic
    Scandjet Aviation Group / Limitless Airways
    Göteborg, Sweden



Airbus A319, A320 and A321 with CFMI engines. We have also extensive knowledge of Airbus A319, A320 and A321 with IAE engines, ATR 42 and 72, Bombardier Q400 and Boeing MD80 series. Upon request other aircraft types can be added to the scope.

Meet Our Team

  • Alen Kauzlarić

    AvioCATS Accountable Manager - since he graduated in aeronautical engineering from the Politecnico di Milano, Italy, Alen has been active in aviation maintenance for almost 20 years. He started his career in aviation as a young engineer in Croatia Airlines where he later held the position of Line Maintenance Manager and Director of Maintenance. In 2011 he became Croatia Airlines Vice President for Engineering and Maintenance. He was post holder for Part 145, Part M and Part 147. In July 2013 he co-founded AvioCATS (as a brand name of Avio Group Ltd) a Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO) in Zagreb, Croatia.

  • Branimir Vuković

    B. Sc. (Mechanical Engineering, FSB Zagreb, Croatia) and MBA (ZSEM/AACSB, Zagreb, Croatia). Branimir is co-founder and AvioCATS CAMO Post Holder. During 18 years of experience in aviation he completed a number of specialized aviation trainings. He started his career at Croatia Airlines as a system engineer and thereafter moved on to other departments in managerial positions. He worked with aircraft systems, structure and power plant. He was Manager Airframe and Power plant Engineer and Engineering Department Manager. His last post was Director of Engineering where he managed the airline's greatest value, human potential. He is an expert in aircraft asset management with experience in the sale of turboprop fleet, spare engines and components, aircraft purchase, aircraft sale and lease back, engine sale and lease back, return of various aircraft after long-term lease, accepting aircraft, and purchase of BFE & SFE Equipment. He is also a qualified QA Lead Auditor and qualified EASA 147 training instructor. He lectures at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture in Zagreb.

  • Ratimir Čular

    Quality and Safety Manager of AvioCATS. Ratimir graduated from the University of Zagreb, Croatia, with a major in mechanical engineering. His 18 years long career in aviation began by joining the engineering team at Croatia Airlines. He continued his career in airlines' technical management as engineering manager at Air Adriatic, Croatia, and as nominated post holder of Part M and Part 145 organizations at Belle Air, Albania, and Trade Air, Croatia. During that period he was also involved in various worldwide projects as technical consultant in aircraft maintenance business and airline quality systems. In July 2013 he co-founded AvioCATS (as a brand name of Avio Group Ltd), a Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO) in Zagreb, Croatia

  • Omer Pita

    AvioCATS Associate Partner since 2016. Omer has graduated on Zagreb University, Faculty of Transport Engineering and has been working in aviation industry since 1984. His field of expertise is aircraft maintenance and engineering, quality/compliance management in aviation and civil aviation authority management. During his career he has held following management positions in aviation: Manager Material Planning, Manager Production Planning, Quality Manager in Maintenance, Director Aircraft Maintenance and Director of Croatian Civil Aviation Agency, President of Croatian National Safety Board. He has following additional experience/expertise: EOQ Quality Manager, EOQ Quality Auditor, DGR Instructor, Head of Aircraft Maintenance Study and lecturer at University of Applied Sciences Velika Gorica. During his 30+ years long career he has been involved in many projects such as: setting up and starting up engineering and maintenance activities in Croatia Airlines; organising logistics support to maintenance; aircraft purchasing, leasing and sales; aircraft acceptance inspections; development of Part M compliant airworthiness review procedures; development of Part M/Part145 exposition manuals; Part M/145 certification; aircraft maintenance hangar construction project management; development of MRO activities in Croatia Airlines; initial setup, start up and management of Croatian Civil Aviation Authority, establishment of Aircraft Maintenance Study at University of Applied Sciences Velika Gorica, EU Twinning Project management to support CAA of the Republic of Georgia.



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