CAMO Services

Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization (CAMO) services are those defined in the EASA Part M subpart G. AvioCATS divides these services into Airframe and Components follow-ups and Engine and APU follow-up. AvioCATS has a knowledgeable team of engineers and the industry leading software OASES to successfully accomplish all the required tasks.     

Airframe and components follow-up

  • Flight Hours and Cycles control
  • Development and amendments of the Maintenance Program (MP)
  • Assessment, recording and updating the status of Airworthiness Directives (AD)
  • Assessment, recording and updating the status of Service Bulletin (SB)/Modifications
  • Workscope definition support with compilation of all maintenance items (Issuing Work Orders and Work Packages for routine tasks, ADs, SBs, equipment removals)
  • Engineering Order(EO) issuing to cover AD/SB requirements after customer’s evaluation acceptance
  • Hard Time (H/T) and On Condition (O/C) component, Life Limited Part (LLP) follow-up through MP
  • On-line Record keeping of aircraft technical records and maintenance history
  • Keeping the aircraft archive in order to protect its value (if necessary)
  • Monitoring Maintenance Program Effectiveness and Reliability and preparing a Monthly Reliability Report (if necessary)
  • Developing the Joint Procedure Manual to define the process between customer and AvioCATS

Engine and APU follow-up

  • AD, SB and manufacturer recommendation analysis, scheduling and launching
  • Life Limited Parts (LLP) follow-up 
  • Recommendations for additional maintenance tasks to be applied on engines in order to reduce the risk of premature removal 
  • Engine and APU removal/installation forecast
  • Determination of the optimum period for engine removal, taking into account spare engine availability and aircraft availability
  • Shop visit workscope definition including SB, AD, LLP parts and parts to be removed