Technical Management for Airlines

Every airline needs a knowledgeable management team in order to safely run its operation. In order to minimize the cost of operation, a deep understanding of the MRO market is the key to success. AvioCATS can provide all the required experience and knowledge in the following fields:

  • Tracking and forecasting of legal and manufacturer requirements
  • Adjusting airframe workscopes to ensure customer specific requirements
  • Compliance checks with applicable FAR’s/JAR/EASA rules
  • Applying asset enhancing management principles
  • Modification evaluation cost control
  • Management of maintenance visits
  • Development of engine and component workscopes
  • Cost forecasting of maintenance events
  • Hourly maintenance cost projections
  • Maintenance events cost control
  • Advising and evaluation of aircraft and engine maintenance contracts
  • Evaluating and advising component supply